Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Through My Sight.

So, as a beginner on this platform, I am here to share my life experiences, thoughts, writings, random posts and like.

Life is vast, as they say ‘Life is a roller coaster’. So yeah… I will just go on with the roller coaster of my life and come up with the best experiences and work to write.

It is truthfully said that, ‘the best way to express your feeling is to just write’.

Life is cherishable and full of adventures and it depends on us how we take it and I take life as a blessing with a book of lessons and there can be no better way to express it except writing and sharing.

So, my posts will be all about my life and my journey through it with some random posts.

Maybe my posts will be relatable to people. What can be better than that?!

I hope to use my blog to connect to people who are like me or experience the same adventures in life.

Until next time, goodbye!


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