Where do we find happiness?


Happiness. It may be a small word but consists of a deep meaning. Happiness is not just being happy, but being the real you with the positive surroundings. People often fancy a ‘perfect’ life, not realizing the true meaning of ‘perfect’. Happiness is meant to be felt in small things that make our lives beautiful.


People get mistaken by small positive happenings for being one of the happy moments for them. Yes, it is, but small things are not positive and permanent everytime.

Every good and a bad moment has a perfect time. Moments which come according to time are 99.9% positive and makes the surroundings shine for a person and that’s what is called ‘happiness’.

There’s a very true and famous saying- ‘The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring’. 

Being happy in what you have and not expecting things that you don’t have, leads a person to a positive life.

Different people find happiness in a different course of time but only when they find out that what actually helps them in feeling so. Doing what you like and taking up things that you think might make you feel positive and bring out the most in you IS happiness.

People find happiness in the people they love. The people who they want to be with. The ones without whom their lives are incomplete and yes, that is also where you find happiness.

And most importantly, if people stop running after negativity, happiness will follow their way, no matter where they go and that’s where they’ll find true happiness.


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