Is Perfection Important?


Perfection? What is actually perfection? Nothing but just being flawless in every way – looks, job, money, body, house, lifestyle and all the other things? But is perfection really important in everyone’s life? The answer is Yes and No, both.

Let’s just be fair. Being ‘perfect’ has never been special or fruitful. Perfect looks ain’t very important. You just need to accept the natural you. You are never imperfect until and unless you consider yourself complete. Have you ever wondered about those models who work for money and pose and maintain their bodies fit and slim? It is not important that they are the ‘obvious perfection’. They are humans too. They too may be imperfect in one way or the other. They too need to go through a lot in order to be like what they are.

Imperfection is beautiful and being beautiful for yourself is important. The conclusion to this is that Imperfection is important but not perfection. Instead of running over ‘perfection’, we should try to acheive excellence and that is what is going to complete us.


On the other hand, being perfect is important too but not necessarily. Being perfect in your eyes is important. Being perfect in the eyes of the one you love is important. Being perfect in your dedication is important. Being perfect in your dedicated job is important. Being perfect in the way you talk is important. Being perfect at acheiving your goals and aspirations is important.

We just need to be happy. The happiness is our perfection. The smile on our faces is perfection. Giving your best to whatever you do is perfection. The happiness helps us in being perfect in our own way. People may find you imperfect, but you are you. You love yourself and for you, you are perfect. Your imperfections make you what you are.

So, let’s be honest and admit that imperfection is perfection in itself.

I hope you liked this post.

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