Hold On or Let Go?

Holding on and letting go are two very different situations with equal difficulty. People often get into situations where they can’t decide what to do and what not to do. Either to hold on or to let go.


Holding on is not always positive . It depends on the person or a situation you are holding on to and it also implies to letting go as well.

Let’s just be fair and honest. Many among us have been in a situation where we can’t think of anything, not even ourselves. We tend to assume things like ‘What would happen next?’, ‘How will I face this?’, ‘ I messed up’, etc. Instead of assuming things, we can do a better thing that is to just think hard and come to a decision and trust me, to think is a better option to take up. We need to be strong or there are many things around the world which can crush us if we turn weak.

Talking about people, people matter the most in our lives more than anything else. We face many ups and downs with people like friends, love interest etc. We tend to hold on to people, sometimes when they don’t even deserve to be. We love them so much that we can’t even imagine our future without them. But you know what? Being in a friendship where there is nothing but other things except love and respect are the friendships that are worth to let go. Why sail in a ship which would sink anytime? But some friendships are worth holding on to. Remember, best friends do not come again and again. It’s difficult to find gold-hearted and selfless best friends. We should always hold on to such best friends and never let them go.

Love interests and love life is an amazing journey but holding on to those who don’t even need you anymore is worth letting go. People often mislead themselves to an extent which is not good for the other person and decide which is not acceptable. But if the love and the relationship is worth holding on to, it’s not meant to let go. But sometimes, people’s past eat their future. People cling to their past and do not tend to move on in a positive way.

It’s not really letting go of the past that is the prolem but coming to terms of letting go for a better future is the struggle. Our fantasies do not abandon our lives and we retain ourselves to them even when they are unhealthy, dangerous and even cruel. Remember to let go of the past and future and live your present.

People are scared to lose what they dont even really have. Some of us say that we’d rather have something than absolutely nothing but the truth is that to have it halfway is harder than not to have it at all.

We need to learn to hold on and let go for our present and future. What’s gone is gone and we need to learn this and create a better life so that whenever we think of our past, we don’t regret it but cherish it.

I hope you like this post!

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