Major changes in life literally shake up our world and pressure us to interact with life in new ways. Sometimes we just accept these changes and go on with our lives and sometimes these changes are so traumatic that they keep on lingering around us.


I personally feel that these changes affect all of us in such a way that our way of thinking and looking towards life changes completely too. Changes are not realisable, they keep on happening everyday but day by day, we realize nothing and when we look back everything is different. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

By changes, I mean the way the things used to be, they are no more like.

Our life changes, our thinking changes, our way of talking, our friends, our way of loving, trusting people, everything changes. You know why? Just because we grow up and realize what all wrong and immature has been happening around us since a long time. Either we take up these decisions ourselves or other people do the same for us.

Friends leave us no matter whatever we do for them. They never look back and think twice before leaving us. They just leave. Even the ones who you never thought would go, they leave too. You know why? Because they grow up too.

Our way of looking towards people changes. We just start being more careful of whom we bring into our lives. We stop trusting easily. We think before we initiate a step and thats when we bring a change in ourselves.

My personal thought regarding this is – Be careful of what you choose to be around you and what you want to experience because you never remain the same person as earlier. Something or someone changes you constituitionally.

We are no more immature, trying to make friends and have fun all the time, anymore. We are rather mature. We try to make SELECTIVELY BETTER FRIENDS and try to have much better experience with them.

AMAZING, right?

We choose better people and we get to learn from our experiences and we find people who we love unconditionally and those are the people who also love you the same way and they are the ones who deserves all your trust and you start losing the fear of ‘not-trusting’ people.

We start becoming confident and we start preparing ourselves for the future.

The only thing is that sometimes to change a situation you are in, requires you to take a giant leap. But you won’t be able to fly unless you are willing to transform.

Just don’t forget that life always gives us another change and it’s called ‘to move on’.

I hope you liked my post!

Comment below what you think.


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