Top 10 Favorite YouTubers


YouTubers are our entertainment sources these days.

No work to do? Watch YouTube!

My favorite YouTubers include –

No. 1- iiSuperwomanii

Who doesn’t know Lilly Singh these days?! 11 million subscribers! Well, her personality and her parents make her a real super


No. 2 – Colleen Ballinger A.K.A Miranda Sings

Well, my list is incomplete if I don’t mention this YouTuber. She is star with the best family, friends, life and cat!


No.3 – MyLifeAsEva

Her way of portraying her life is amazing. Every video of hers is either relatable or carries an amazing message.


No. 4 – Jenna Marbles

She is a Youtube superstar and is also known to be a model. She is one of the most recognizable stars on YouTube.


No.5 – Lance Stewart

My most favorite YouTuber! His family is beyond humerous and entertaining. I love his videos as they are super entertaining and funny.

No.6 – Zoella

She is an amazingly beautiful YouTuber. Her adorable ways of making videos is all I love about her.


No.7 – Shane Dawson

Ofcourse! Shane is an amazing, British YouTuber. His videos are all I want after a bad day.

photo (1)

No.8 – Reaction Time

His way of being sarcastic in every video of his is so flawless that it makes me watch his videos more!

photo (2).jpg

No. 9 – Niharika Nm

She is the only Indian YouTuber after Superwoman, whom I watch with so much of excitement and it’s a fact that she looks like Lilly too.


No. 10 – Jamie & Nikki

Jamie and Nikki are a married, interracial couple with an amazingly adorable daughter, Ava. I love watching these three alot and that’s why they are in my Top 10 list!


YouTube is huge and so is the number of YouTubers. These were my Top 10 favorite YouTubers.

I hope you liked my post!

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