Top 6 Favorite Supermodels


This week’s Top 6 Thurday would be about my top 6 favorite supermodels.

I personally, am a big fan of several supermodels and my list includes-

No. 1 – Gigi Hadid

Gigi is my top-most favorite supermodel. Her way of doing everything is perfection. She is amazing as ever.


No.2 – Kendall Jenner

Kenny is an amazing style icon for every teenager. She has been so successful that she has also been starred in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


No. 3 – Bella Hadid 

Bella has acheived everything in a very young age. She’s the  younger sister of Gigi Hadid. She is also the new face of Victoria’s Secret.

download (1).jpg

No. 4 – Behati Prinsloo

She is the beloved spouse of Adam Levine. She manages her life amazingly. I have always appericiater her abilities.


No. 5 – Cara Develigne

Her way of leading life and her little notorious things makes everyone love her. She is a pack of perfection.


No. 6 – Miranda Kerr

One of the most beautiful supermodels and one of the best mothers. She is amazing and her smile is everything.



So, these were my Top 6 favorite supermodels.

I hope you liked my post.

Comment below what you think.



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