Top 10 Favorite YouTubers


YouTubers are our entertainment sources these days.

No work to do? Watch YouTube!

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Major changes in life literally shake up our world and pressure us to interact with life in new ways. Sometimes we just accept these changes and go on with our lives and sometimes these changes are so traumatic that they keep on lingering around us.

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What Makes You, You?

What makes you, you? Ever thought over this? But you know what? You make yourself.

Your positivity, your imperfections, your honesty, your loyalty, your happiness makes you, you.

People often get influenced, easily but if the person knows where he stands and knows himself, he will always find a way out and that’s what will make him what he is. Being yourself is not just being happy or being good to people but being yourself is being happy in what you have, being happy with whom you are and also, being happy with what you want to be in your life. Continue reading